June 9th, 6023

Water. It is a necessity for life, especially in the territory covered by the Queho Posse. As Grand Noble Humbug Edwin Aldana has called for another sailing of the Queho’st Gaurd on June 9, he has also directed that we review the value and use of water in our desert clime. While sailing along on the languid Colorado River, all resident Clampers and PBCs will learn about water in the west, what it means, what it has done, and how it has influenced our territory. And while it is true there are Desert Pupfish which have learned to procreate in deep places filled with water in our land, there are other uses for the important substance. Be sure to mark your calendar, and join the 17th annual sailing of the Queho’st Gaurd. There may even be some unusual attendees, though it must be noted that that is a relative term when dealing with Clamper events.

Bring your PBCs, and remember the floggings continue until attitudes improve.

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