October 19-21


NGH Edwin “Clampchef Extraordinaire” Aldana has decreed that all redshirts are to gather the third weekend of October to mark the historic Elgin Schoolhouse. Elgin was a siding on the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt lake Railroad, later the Union Pacific. Elgin was an important watering site for the railroad in the Meadow Valley wash. As all clampers who were at the 1910 Flood doins in Caliente know, the wash saw incredible flooding in 1910. The site was rebuilt, and in 1922 a school was needed to accommodate the children of the ranching families in the area. Built by Rueben Bradshaw on land donated by his father James Bradshaw, the school was active until 1967. Now maintained by the State of Nevada as an historic structure, we will place a well-deserved marker to note its importance and history.

Our clampsite will be Kershaw-Ryan State Park.  Word is there will be water and power available, maybe.  There also might be a 4x4 Run.  Details forthcoming.

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