September 24-26


Noble Grand Humbug Josh “Little Dinky” Hayden has called upon all redshirts to gather at the town of Goldpointfield for the weekend of September 24-26, 6026 (2021 to any prospective PBCs) to plaque a rather unique location. You see folks, while we had originally planned our doins for Goldpoint, it was not meant to be. As the result of a truly remarkable feat of incompetence on the part of our illus-trious Humbug, that has fallen through. So we are going with plan B. And this is where it gets interest-ing, folks. You see, our Humbug has decided to share one of his innermost secrets, never before shared with the likes of your ken. That is, the location that NGH Josh Hayden acquired his nickname “Little Dinky”. We will be plaquing the location that Josh lost his a bighorn sheep. That’s right. It’s out there. No take backs.
Sadly, in a departure from tradition (that has NOT gone unnoticed), we will NOT be clamping at a gun range. But hey, whaddya expect from a guy named “Little Dinky”? Despite his numerous short-comings, we have it on good authority that the rest of your chapter occifers will drag him across the finish line, and this will be a successful doins.

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