October 14-16 - Pahrump, NV - Von Schmidt Line (Redivivus)



In the year 2008, then-NGH Doyle Jensen attempted an erection which was unsuccessful. It has taken until 2022 for the Queho Posse to find the correct successor Noble Grand Humbug to finally help XNGH Jensen with his failed erection. As such is the case, NGH Charles “Uncle Dave” Lane is calling all redshirts to gather at the Hub Bar in Pahrump for the final erection of the plaque to honor the Von Schmidt Line and Allexey Von Schmidt, the man who could find where to put an angle in the straight line which defines the border between Nevada and California from Lake Bigler to the Colorado River, as well as arable land in the Panamint Valley, how to blow up the biggest obstacle to navigation in San Francisco Bay, and how to buy the outlet of Lake Tahoe to try to sell its water to San Francisco. Be sure to attend the fall doins and learn the history of one of our pioneer civil engineers, as well as how time can help even faulty erections finally come to pass.

Note that our Clampsite is on the back lot of a tavern (with a small kitchen), so come thirsty (and flush with cash). We have access to the site beginning on Thursday for you early-bird types.

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