June 4th, 6027

At the direction of Noble Grand Humbug Charles “Uncle Dave” Lane, the Queho Posse and all other redshirts will be returning to the waters of the Colorado River at Laughlin, Nevada, for the 6027 sailing of the Queho’st Gaurd , and in doing so we will explore the fascinating history of a mighty structure which we have seen from above and below, the Laughlin Bridge. While it is true that there is a new bridge under construction further down the river, the existing bridge is one of very few built by one man and given to the state. Don Laughlin, the individual who saw the possibilities of the verdant landscapes of the Colorado River south of the Davis Dam in 1954, and created the community which bears his name, saw the need for more than ferries in 1987 and funded the existing bridge with $3.5 million of his own funds, which he then gave to his community. We will honor his selflessness, and the lack of taxpayer dollars which went into this community enterprise, something seldom seen today.

Be sure to mark your calendar, and join the umpteenth annual sailing of the Queho’st Gaurd. There may even be some unusual attendees, though it must be noted that that is a relative term when dealing with Clamper events.

Bring your PBCs, and remember the floggings continue until attitudes improve.

Aquarius Hotel & Casino
1900 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV 89029
(The boat dock is out back, ya know, by the wet spot.  You CAN find the wet spot, right?)

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We will be accepting signups on our website via PayPal as well as snail mail. Seating is limited, and last time, the boat was full. Paypal is suggested to ensure your seat.

Get your flyer right here & submit your gold dust via PayPal! (mail is welcome too, you old bastard)

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