The details have been posted for our Fall Dual Doins with the Snowshoe Thompson chapter in Tonopah, in October.  You can signup online and get more details at their Web Store here:

And some (many) words from our Clamp-Historian, MHP:

Queho Posse NGH Josh “Xstream” Rogers and Snowshoe Thompson NGH “Rev” Patrick Wilson have called for the gathering of redshirts of E Clampus Vitus® to honor the most important partner any prospector had in the opening of the mining west, the Jackass.  Whether it was called a Jackass, a burro, a donkey, a mule, a hinney, or any of the other variations, prospectors and miners, freighters and builders, depended on them to explore, develop, and settle the west.  For many redshirted wanderers, the jackass may have been for months on end their only companion.  They were vocal, while perhaps not particularly erudite, and much more able to survive in the harsh climates encountered in the vast areas of the southwest.  Their achievements and glories will be rendered into print and into stone as part of this event.  It is for all good redshirts, and those PBCs wishing to see the light, to assemble in Tonopah and learn why “Me and Jim found Tonopah” is a truthful statement, when made by the Jackass who accompanied Jim Butler.  This Two-way will be raising a marker to honor the Jackass.  On your way to the doins, if you keep your eyes open while traveling (a good idea anyway while driving), you will see their descendants still living off the land.