April 21-23 - East of Tonopah, NV - Tonopah Army Air Field




Noble Grand Humbug and legendary Tie Fighter pilot Trebion “Darth Chocolate” Wilson is using the force to call all redshirts to appear at Tonopah, Nevada, for the Queho Posse Chapter’s Spring Doins to commemorate the history of the Tonopah Army Air Field. The TAAF was the main training base for the three million acre Tonopah Bombing and Gunnery Range, and was built between 1940 and 1942. At its height, it housed over 6,500 troops when nearby Tonopah had a population of about 2,500. It closed in 1945 with the end of World War II, but two of the original hangers are still standing, and Tonopah still operated the field as its airport. Between pilot training, and early secret glide bomb testing, it was an important part of America’s war effort. The Tonopah Bombing and Gunnery Range is better known today as the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Note that (in a break from tradition) we are not clamping at a Gun Range or Tavern. We have located a suitable alternative in the form of the Tonopah International Speedway (It’s a giant dirt lot with bleachers and shit). There is a couple hose bibs for water (although no RV hookups). We also have onsite indoor plumbing available, for you high-falutin pretentious types. We have access to the site beginning on Thursday for you early-birds. VNGH Grimace (702-782-9622) has the key for the gate, so check in with him or XNGH Big Elvis (702-580-6891) if you plan on arriving early.

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