Glendale, Nevada

September 20-22, 2014


   Clampsite Activities  
7475 7476 7431
Setup.. ..the cook shack Mike
3220_result.gif 3224_result.gif 3232_result.gif
Best Buds Food!  Clampchef, lovin' it! 
7422_result.gif 7423_result.gif 3271_result.gif
Out of the sun.. Greg Look what's comin'
7424_result.gif 3274_result.gif 7425_result.gif
Uncle Dave The PBC's Bobby
  Erection Day
7436_result.gif 7437_result.gif 7426_result.gif
It'll go here! Gotta move these here rocks.. Studyin' & ... Prayin'?
7438_result.gif 7439_result.gif 7441_result.gif
Move dem rocks Start diggin' Almost there...
pastdoins/glendale-2014/7445_result.gif pastdoins/glendale-2014/7446_result.gif pastdoins/glendale-2014/7447_result.gif
Level.. Finally, we.. can..
7448_result.gif 7449_result.gif 7450_result.gif
carry..  the form.. over, and..
pastdoins/glendale-2014/7451_result.gif pastdoins/glendale-2014/7452_result.gif pastdoins/glendale-2014/7453_result.gif
 put it.. in..  place!
7454_result.gif 7455_result.gif 7456_result.gif
About 50 bags of 'crete Fill 'er up... and up...
7457_result.gif 7458_result.gif 7459_result.gif
and up... a-a-and up! Dirty work
7465_result.gif 7466_result.gif 7467_result.gif
Clean up Pack it up What is this?
7468_result.gif 7469_result.gif 7470_result.gif
Inquisition.. and more... still more...
7471_result.gif 7473_result.gif 7472_result.gif
ride them ponies... gonna rain... Satisfactory!
   IT'S HIM!  
  The Dedication  
7478_result.gif 7481_result.gif 7482_result.gif
 Just before... Waiting in anticipation..  The Humbug speaks
7483_result.gif 7484_result.gif 7485_result.gif
We grovel.. Mark speaks..  and speaks..
7486_result.gif 7487_result.gif 7488_result.gif
and speaks..Humbug's goin' home Amazing attention span Still goin'..
7489_result.gif 7490_result.gif 7491_result.gif
and goin' and goin' Gettin' real close, now
7492_result.gif 7493_result.gif 7494_result.gif
The unveiling Look ma, we done it! Great plaque!
7495_result.gif 7496_result.gif 7497_result.gif
Posers again  
7498_result.gif 7499_result.gif 7500_result.gif
7501_result.gif 7504_result.gif 7503_result.gif
  Mark and the Humbug Our hosts 
7509_result.gif 7505_result.gif 7506_result.gif
Guests from Snowshoe Thompson Chapter Mark and Dante  Edwin and Uncle Dave
7511_result.gif   7513_result.gif
Brand new Redshirt
 The plaque



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