Callville Doins

Queho'st Gaurd

Lake Mead, NV

June 15, 2002


P6150053  P6150054  P6150055
Is that Right?? Let's Get Goin'! Have We Set Sail Yet?
 P6150056  P6150057  P6150058
Must Be Mark Talking Cruisin Finally!?
 PICT0048  PICT0006  
Enjoy Back Already?  


Initiation and Monument Dedication


P6150059  P6150060  P6150061
 PBC's  Hard at
 ;P6150062  P6150064 P6150065
Work History Lesson
P6150066 P6150067 P6150067-big
The Plaque Close Up
P6150068 P6150069  
More PBC's at Work  


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