October 10-12, 2002

Let's Build a Monument!


Dateland0011 Dateland0013 Dateland0014
Building a


 Dateland0015  Dateland0016
A Strong Foundation
Dateland0019 Dateland0021
PBC's Learning So Many PBC's!


Doins Action


Dateland0004  Dateland0007  {modal images/pastdoins/dateland/Dateland0009.jpg|title=A Long Line}Dateland0009 
Hangin' The Clampsite A Long Line
 Dateland0010  Dateland0012  Dateland0017
Good Eats! Wandrin' Jim Hanging Out
Dateland0023 Dateland0024 Dateland0025
Watchin' the PBC's Clampchefs at Work A Clamper's Natural State


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