Trio of Terror

Queho'st Gaurd

June 21, 2003


P6210275  P6210276 
 Getting Ready  Old Glory?  Checking In
P6210277  P6210278  P6210279
Boarding  Early Boarders  Loitering
P6210282 P6210281 P6210283
 Getting Ready  Discussing ... Check In
P6210284 P6210285 P6210286
Clean Glasses  Self Explanatory   Lets Get Goin!
P6210287 P6210288 P6210289
PBCs PBCs Again PBCs Grand Entrance
P6210290 P6210291 P6210292
Ready to Study Lounging Ready to Sail
P6210293 P6210294 P6210295
Ossifers, etc.;  PBCs Again Grand Entrance
P6210296 P6210297 P6210298
Another Grand Entrance Yet Another Grand Entrance More Grand Entrances
P6210299 P6210300 P6210301
Even more Grand Entrances When will it End? Enough with the Grand Entrances
P6210313 P6210314 P6210315
Pontificating; Lounging Along on a
P6210316 P6210317 P6210318
Sunny Afternoon Discussing
P6210319 P6210320 P6210321
Local History Forgotten PBC's
P6210322 P6210323 P6210324
 Dan and 'Wanderin' Jim What He Does Best Mark at Rest
  Let's Get Goin'   



Initiation & Plaque Dedication 


P6210326  P6210327  P6210328 
 Trio of Terror Plaque Finally Testing
P6210329  P6210330  P6210331
 Last Chance to Bail  Last Chance to Bail Again  And Ready
P6210332 P6210333 P6210334
On the Move Reading the Lines Reading the History;
P6210335 P6210336 P6210337
 Reading the History Holding the Plaque Uh-oh - Dropped It 


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