April 26-28


Noble Grand Humbug Josh “Xtream” Rogers (who is NOT my Humbug) has decreed that the Posse shall return to an earlier scene of the crime, and revisit the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada. XNGH-P and Clamphistorian Mark Hall-Patton, whose doins was at this site in the dim and distant recesses of the past, will again regale us with tales of the past, while we put up a plaque honoring the family that did more than any other to put Goodsprings on the map in the early twentieth century, the apply named Fayle family. George Fayle and his wife Jean (namesake of Jean, Nevada) were instrumental in the construction of the Pioneer Saloon, the two-story Fayle Hotel (unfortunately lost to a fire in 1966) and the Fayle Department Store, which George managed and co-owned with his uncle, Sam Yount. George saw great potential in Goodsprings, and were it not for the great flu epidemic, which laid him low in 1918, would have gone on to boost the town for many years. The redshirts will be honoring George and Jean Fayle, and their impact on Goodsprings.

Our clampsite will be adjacent to the Pioneer Saloon, in the big flat lot.  **UPDATE**  We have confirmed that the clampsite is now available starting Thursday AM, so you early birds can go stake out our spot.  Also, please note that this area IS open to the public, so we are aspiring to close off a section of the dirt lot to to shield the public from the horrors of humbuggery and such. ****

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