June 4-6


Noble Grand Humbug Josh “Little Dinky” Hayden has called upon all redshirts to gather at Pioche, Nevada, to celebrate the railroad heritage of the town. The Queho Posse will be plaqueing the many railroads which have been part of the heritage of the town, from the Pioche and Bullionville/Nevada Central/Central Nevada (all the same railroad) to the Pioche Pacific, Caliente and Pioche, and the Prince Consolidated mining Company line. These served the various extractive industries of F. L. A. Pioche’s namesake community. While the plaque will be placed at the Humbug’s namesake engine, the redshirts will be clamping nearby (directions will be found elsewhere in this flier or on this site). Get your gold dust in, and be one of those who will know the Jackrabbit line..

NOTE:  If you paid for last year's cancelled version of this doins, your gold dust will be rolled forward to this one.  If you aren't sure, just sit tight.  We'll have an email out in the coming days with a list of those who are being carried over from last year.


Our Clampsite is at the Stampede Campground, which is managed by the BLM.  Since it's BLM, the clampsite is available early.  You early birds can go stake out our spot, mkayyy?  Also, please note that this area IS open to the public, but we are aspiring to take over the whole place so as to to shield the public from the horrors of humbuggery and such. ****

Get your flyer right here & submit your gold dust via PayPal! (mail is welcome too, you old bastard)

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